Easily plan your software releases. Create user stories, assign them to sprints, and share release plans for your software projects.

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Fill Your Sprints

Create user stories and place them in sprints to create the optimal release plan for your app.

Plan Handler will keep track of the story points you have assigned to each sprint and let you know when your sprints are at full capacity

Build Dependency Chains

Add user stories as dependencies to other user stories.

Plan Handler will make sure you don't assign a user story to a sprint before the dependent user stories have been assigned.

Share the Plan

After you've created your release plan, you have several options to share it out to your colleagues.

Plan Handler will export your release plan to a PDF, generate a shareable URL, or allow you to download a file that can be loaded back into the app.

The Plan Handler was inspired by Onlea's work in the University of Alberta Software Product Management specialization, which is available through Coursera™.

The specialization, produced by Onlea, includes 5 courses and a capstone project with hands-on experience through the use of interview simulations, release planning, video lectures, and more.

Onlea's digital products are learning experiences designed to meet the specific needs of each client.

Our work ranges from building testing experiences to creating term-long, for-credit university courses.